2011 Dodd Prize Recipients

The Center for Justice & International Law (CEJIL)

The Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that protects and promotes human rights in the Americas through the strategic use of the tools offered by international human rights law.

CEJIL’s vision is that of a fully democratic hemisphere, in which the rights and dignity of all individuals are respected. To work toward this vision, CEJIL utilizes strategic litigation and engages in advocacy efforts before the Inter-American System of Human Rights (IAS) to address a wealth of the region’s most pressing human rights issues, such as gender violence, forced disappearances, torture, and indigenous land rights, among others. In order to have the greatest possible impact, CEJIL litigates emblematic cases, many of which lead to systemic change at the State level and serve as precedents for the region. Two examples of this include the cases of Maria da Penha v. Brazil and Victor Hugo Maciel v. Paraguay , as IAS decisions led to the creation of legislation regarding gender violence in the former and the revision of legislation regarding the recruitment of child soldiers in the latter. In addition to litigation and advocacy before the IAS, CEJIL also conducts training seminars for human rights defenders and produces publications on issues relevant to human rights and the IAS. With offices in Washington, DC, San Jose, Costa Rica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Argentina and 300 partners throughout the region, the reach of CEJIL’s work is vast. In the last five years, CEJIL has litigated over 250 cases before the IAS, representing more than 13,000 victims and securing U.S. $40 million in reparations. Over the years, CEJIL has emerged as one of the leading organizations working to defend and promote human rights in the hemisphere. As it celebrates its 20 th anniversary in 2011, CEJIL is proud of the significant impact its work has had in the lives of victims of human rights violations and the overall strengthening of democracies throughout the Americas.

The award was presented on Monday, October 3, 2011 in the Davis Courtroom at the University of Connecticut School of Law, Hartford, CT.

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