Crimes Against Children by Sara Harvel

On February 27, the International Military Tribunal heard witnesses share about crimes against humanity; specifically those against children. In a letter to his wife, Thomas Dodd, US prosecutor, shares his heart regarding a town called Lidice and the injustice suffered by children.  A letter from US prosecutor Thomas Dodd to his wife, Grace.  “Grace, it […]

Crimes Against Humanity by Sara Harvel

On February 25, the prosecutors of the International Military Tribunal shared evidence of Crimes against Humanity, hoping that by holding the Nazis accountable for their crimes against humanity, they would set a precedent for postwar justice. The variety and quantity of crimes against humanity were astounding. Concentration camps often had gas chambers and crematoriums to […]

3/8: International Women’s Day: Women in the International Military Tribunal by Sara Harvel

I had to look pretty hard to learn about women’s involvement in the International Military Tribunal. Though all of the judges and the vast majority of the prosecutors were male, in some of the subsequent trials, women were involved.   Dorothea “Dottie” Grater Minskoff (1910-1986) a graduate of University of Pennsylvania was part of the prosecution […]

Cutline: Democracy and Community

  What do we want our democracy to look like? The present historic moment demands robust participation in our political system and commitment to the values on which it was built. How can we support participation by all members of our community? This month, Dodd Impact’s Democracy and Dialogues Initiative partnered with CT Humanities, Connecticut […]

Petrol and Protests: Remembering Human Rights Violations and Taking Action by Sara Harvel

A sticky situation is emerging in Myanmar. Violence and oppression have bubbled over for decades, reminiscent to Nazi crimes against humanity played out in World War Two. Why do these atrocities continue? Why does social action come so slowly? By making observations about a Nazi ravaged village in Czechoslovakia and a Connecticut senator named Thomas […]

“Hear Us, See Us”-Human Rights Day Celebration

PRESENTS “Hear Us, See Us” Human Rights Day Celebration with Kate Farrar Newly Elected State Representative CT, 20th District Katharine Morris Scholar Activist, UCONN  Policy Fellow Health Equity Solutions Ala Ochumare New Haven Pride Center Cheryl Sharp CT Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities REGISTER HERE “Hear Us, See Us” represents the importance of finding […]

Police Transparency & Accountability Task Force

Police Transparency & Accountability Task Force YOUNG ADULT  LISTENING SESSIONS REGISTER HERE The Police Transparency and Accountability Task Force is seeking young adult input and needs to hear from you! The Task Force will be reporting recommendations to the legislature and Governor and we need your input to make sure we represent all Connecticut voices. […]

ABC’s of Public Testimony

ABC’s of Public Testimony JOIN THE VIRTUAL WORKSHOP Thursday, November 12, 2020 4:00pm – 5:00pm with Sarah Croucher, Ph.D Director of Academic Policy and Faculty Affairs University of Connecticut REGISTER HERE This hands-on workshop aims to provide a brief introduction to effective public testimony. We will cover the basic building blocks of testimony and discuss […]