This Day in Nuremberg: 4/11 Kaltenbrunner Takes the Stand by Sara Harvel

Close up of Kaltenbrunner from

On April 11, 1946, SS Lieutenant General Ernst Kaltenbrunner took the stand. At 6’4’’ with tremendous scars across his face, he stood imposing and ominous. 

Thomas Dodd writes: “He is a crummy-looking creature, really an evil-looking man. He was Himmler’s chief assistant and he participated in all the horrible crimes that were committed-we have witnesses who saw him watching the operation of the gas chambers where the unfortunates were executed by the thousands. He had the various times of executions put on as a demonstration for him-shooting, hanging, and gassing. Three human beings were used to show him how it worked!”

Kaltenbrunner denied that he knew about mass killing operations against the Jews but when the prosecution team presented him with monthly briefs that were addressed to him and contained specific information about the number of individuals executed, Kaltenbrunner was at a loss. 

The Tribunal declared him guilty and he was executed by hanging. 

Closing Brief against Kaltenbrunner, p. 14 from 


Two military policeman escort Nuremberg SS Lieutenant General Ernst Kaltenbrunner: