One State, One Film: Prison Reform

One State, One Film: Prison Reform

Tuesday, April 20, 2021
12:00pm – 2:00pm


WATCH  Breaking the Cycle


Join members of the Connecticut Collaborative on Poverty, Criminal Justice & Race, along with leading advocates in the fight for criminal justice reform in our State, to explore ways each one of us can support and promote a more equitable future for all. We will examine our respective roles in maintaining the status quo, examine ways to ensure accountability, and hear from individuals who continue to advance the agenda forward.


12:00pm          Welcome and Introductions by Andrew Clark

12:05pm          Centering Exercise by Kelvin Young 

12:12pm           Panel I: International Perspectives on Prison Reform


John Stark, Director and Producer of Breaking the Cycle

Elin M. Schie, Chief Prison Officer, Indre Østfold Prison, Norway

Terry O’Hanlon, CT Department of Correction, Lieutenant (Retired)

Daryl McGraw, Senior Reentry Policy Specialist, IMRP

Andrew Clark, Moderator and Director of IMRP


1:00pm                Panel II/Concurrent Facilitated Breakout Sessions

Panel II: Incarcerated Parents and their Children – a Comparison of Experiences in Latin America/the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States

Luciano Cadoni

Nancy Loucks 

Aileen Keays, Moderator

1:40pm          Panel and breakouts end/return to main room for report-outs/Q&A

1:55pm          Closing remarks/acknowledgments

2:00pm         Program ends


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