Crimes Against Humanity by Sara Harvel

On February 25, the prosecutors of the International Military Tribunal shared evidence of Crimes against Humanity, hoping that by holding the Nazis accountable for their crimes against humanity, they would set a precedent for postwar justice. The variety and quantity of crimes against humanity were astounding. Concentration camps often had gas chambers and crematoriums to burn the bodies of the victims after they were murdered. A witness comments, “It was at this camp that I witnessed from my pen in block 27 the gassing of innumerable persons in the gas chamber. It was there that I witnessed the persons being driven into the entrance holes, lulled into it by statements that they were to bathe. I saw the doors of the chamber close and the gas bomb dropped into the chamber.” 

Ground Plan of the Treblinka Extermination Camp
The Map of the Treblinka extermination camp; highlighting the path to the gas chambers (see the red areas; #9 is the chamber; #10 are incinerators)


Crimes Committed in Concentration Camps Prepared by Captain Edgar G. Boedeker and 1st LT Nicholas R. Doman
Text clip: Crimes Committed in Concentration Camps, p. 69


Concentration Camps, Argued December 13, 1945
United States prosecutor Thomas Dodd shared evidence about concentration camps and hanging done on Christmas day. “Concentration Camps” The hanging by Christmas Trees: