Business & Human Rights Roundtable on Collegiate Sourcing

Business and Human Rights Initiative

Business & Human Rights Roundtable
on Collegiate Sourcing


Friday, November 2o, 2020
2:30pm – 3:30pm

Nathan Fleisig, Outerstuff

Kelsey Keene, Colosseum

Liz Kennedy, UCLA

Kyle Muncy, UConn

Shareen Hertel, UConn




The business landscape for college-licensed apparel and other products is a niche market, but one with a long history of active engagement on human rights and sustainability issues. Students, alumni, faculty and administrators have played a key role in driving the demand for responsibly-sourced products, and key companies have innovated in response.

Join us for a discussion with university staff from UConn and UCLA who manage global sourcing and licensing, together with business representatives from leading collegiate apparel companies Outerstuff and Colosseum. How is the collegiate apparel sector adapting in the midst of a pandemic, shifting trade relations, and increased attention to the nexus between race, sports and business? These professionals discuss the challenges and opportunities in this unprecedented time.

Cosponsored by the Office of Global Business Programs, UConn School of Business


Business and Human Rights Roundtable Flyer




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