Sept. 24: Teacher Workshop on Service Learning for Human Rights

Principles and Practices of Taking Action

Tuesday, September 24, 2018
9:00am – 2:30pm

Dodd Human Rights Impact

On Tuesday, September 25th UConn Early College Experience and the UConn Human Rights and Educational Leadership departments invite all certified UConn ECE EDLR and HRTS instructors to attend the annual professional development training.

Purpose: ECE certified instructors for EDLR1162 and HRTS1007 will engage in a day-long professional development (PD) opportunity that will provide exposure to service-learning, community partnerships, and civic engagement through a human rights lens. Participation in this PD opportunity will count toward the ECE requirement for PD for its instructors.

Throughout the day ECE instructors will be encouraged to think critically about how and why we take action, as well as the consider implications for the multiple stakeholders involved when action is taken. For the purpose of this workshop, “taking action” will most often be defined by engaging in direct service.

Objectives: Participants of this professional development will

  • Compare perspectives of various stakeholders engaged in service-learning opportunities
  • Demonstrate understanding of the tenants of service-learning as pedagogical approaches to instruction, and its relationship to human rights education
  • Apply service-learning framework to the context of their own high schools and community
  • Design service-learning opportunity that is reflective of service-learning framework, as well as human rights education principles and practicess